About Us

Welcome E-Sellers!!

We are an online auction service provider, based in Sealy, Texas. We were founded in July 2017, after losing a huge amount of sales on another auction site, that forces you to use their payment processor. We decided at that point, that it was time to offer the world something better, for far less money. We do not lock you into one payment provider. We do not restrict sellers from using watermarks, as long as it does not contain contact information, or anything that would be considered offensive. We do not restrict users from selling items, as long as the item is legal for you to sell, and for others to buy. Firearm sales (in the USA) are allowed here, provided that you do not violate local, state, or federal laws. All firearm sales must be processed through an FFL holder, and we will be providing a list of license holders HERE.

We encourage you to try out our service, it is totally free of charge until 2018. Sign up, and feel free to buy, sell, or just look around. We are adding new features to the site as we go, like alternative payment methods, even Bitcoin is in the works. Our fees will always be lower than the big sites, and we will work to earn your business, not work our way into your business..

Tommy Johnson

President & CEO

E-Sell.com, LLC